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Our Beginnings

In 1983 a group of professional men and women from Hong Kong and East Asian countries saw the need to address the root causes of the many problems that society faced. They believed that one concrete way to alleviate the problems and serve society is through training, education and human development.

The East Asian Educational Association (EAEA) was then established. At the outset EAEA had almost nothing but people determined to make a difference and the inspirations of St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help strengthen society by taking an active involvement in the areas of training, education and human development. An important part of our mission is the formation of the youth – the future leaders and hope of society.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the principle of subsidiarity: that each person, family and social group has the right and the duty to assume those responsibilities that belong to them, without other higher social groups taking away their capacity to decide on these matters.

Specifically, we believe that the principal task of education lies primarily on parents and that the role of schools and similar institutions and civil society is subsidiary to it.

We believe in the principle of solidarity: that individuals, families and society at large have a duty to support those members of society which are weaker or unable to achieve by themselves alone the development and dignity which belongs to them as persons.

Consequently, we believe that parents, schools, relevant institutions and civil society must work together towards the same encompassing goal - the intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development of the individual.

We believe in the human potential: that when properly trained, educated and developed any individual can reach his or her potentials and contribute to the well being of society.

East Asian Educational Association
東 亞 教 育 促 進 會


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